Sustainable development

Natural Peridot Museum

In the future, the Nanshan gemstones mine of Dunhua Yiqisong Nanshan will not be abandoned after mining has finished. Fuli will collect the remaining rock after mining and pave a road to the mining area, so that future generations can have a close look at the largest peridot mine. At the same time, the mine will be transformed into a "Natural Peridot Museum", which will be open to the whole society for everyone to understand and learn, and become a valuable resource left to the society. These actions will not only protect the environment to the greatest extent possible, but we will aim to be considerate to both the people and the planet.

Sustainable development

Regional Ecological Protection

We have been doing our utmost to protect the ecological environment of the production areas.

Fuli people cherish every inch of natural land and are grateful for the peridot treasure given by the earth. Before each exploration, the team carefully make geological plans and do their best to protect the ecological environment around the mine cave. In doing so, they reduce the impact on the environment of the Yiqi Pine production area.

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Sustainable development

Women's Marathon

Rich jewelry has been committed to discovering the beauty of life.

In 2016 Beijing women's half marathon, thank you for every contestant's efforts to pay, fuli jewelry sponsor to events composed of 7000 grain round 6 stone inlaid jewelry, awarded to every love beautiful women, to convey to the social aesthetic concept of richly jewelry: run in the competition of every woman, all like rich peridot, pure and beautiful.

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