A resolute style demands an empowering companion. Elegant and audacious. Bold and daring. We celebrate peridot creations for their avant-garde brilliance, and magnificent allure. Their bold shapes and modern materials coveted for their exclusivity, wrapped around the gem of the sun in a daring mastery of design.

Our mine produces rich, saturated, clean, grass green peridot, which requires no treatment. Fuli Gemstones offers a consistent supply of superior gemstones, supported by active global marketing initiatives and full traceability on its products. The company offers bespoke cuts and can work with designers on one-off projects.

Peridot was discovered about 3500 years ago on the ancient Egyptian territory of St. John's island. Gemstone grade peridot is divided into opaque yellow-green peridot, golden green peridot, yellow-green peridot, green peridot (also known as evening emerald or western emerald, evening primrose emerald) and the sky gem (found in meteorites, which is very rare). High quality peridot is grass green or yellow green, of good clarity and saturated color. Historically, high-grade, large peridots were used as the center gemstones of many famous creations; these are now housed in such famous museums as the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Fine jewellery houses are beginning to rediscover this magnificent gemstone and peridot has appeared in collections from Cartier, Boucheron and Chanel. 

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The value of peridot is affected by several factors, including color, clarity, carat and cutting. In terms of color, high-quality peridot is pure and uniform in color. The purer the green, the higher the value. In terms of clarity, natural peridot often contains more black solid inclusions or gas-liquid inclusions, so it should be noted that less inclusions increases the value. In terms of weight, with carat (ct) as the unit, the higher the weight, the rarer the peridot, and the higher its value;

In terms of cutting, peridot should be perfectly faceted to show the ‘fire’ of the gemstone. Peridot has an extremely high double refraction – when you look closely through the gem, you can see two of each pavilion facet. Fuli prides itself on its exceptional cutting techniques and ensures that each facet optimizes the double refraction of the gemstone.

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