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Being vertically integrated, the company is structured as such to minimize costs. The ore body is of a regular tabular and uniform thickness, making it very suitable for large-scale, high-efficiency mechanized mining operations. Low operating costs combined with high quality and large reserves, gives Fuli Gemstones a clear and competitive advantage.

The company has reached an agreement with the Dunhua Municipal Government, that the mine will become one of the local pillars of enterprise. After its completion, the government will provide tax relief, infrastructure support and other collaborative assistance. Local forestry, land and resource departments have also pledged to give full support. It is this encouraging attitude that will help enable the smooth-running operations for the project.

The traditional four gemstones (ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond) are scarce and expensive. Peridot is currently undervalued, it has, with the right marketing and promotion, the opportunity to appreciate in value and to return to its rightful place in significant and important jewelry collections. Moreover, in recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the use of fine peridots in international jewelry houses creations, designers are already recognizing the beauty and allure of these magnificent, rich gemstones.

Fuli adheres to best practices, maintaining a rigorous and serious attitude to its business methods; establishing scientific and effective management systems. The company has an experienced, dynamic and innovative management team, with rich experience in enterprise operation and management. In addition, the company's performance-based incentive scheme benefits all its employees.DISCOVER MORE

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