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Fuli has four jewelry boutiques within China, showcasing the company’s jewelry collections of peridot set creations. The Dunhua store is located next to the Fuli office, in the same town, and holds the most comprehensive selection of peridot gemstones. The other locations are in Yanji Chaochuan international airport, another, the Songjiang boutique near the Changbai mountain range, and at the Wangswan scenic area. Fuli Peridot is also distributed at other select fine jewelry retailers within China.

Dunhua headquarters (top left)

Address: Gongnong Road, Bohai Street, Dunhua city, Jilin province

Yanji airport branch (top right)

Address: Yanji chaochuan international airport

Wangswan scenic area branch (lower left)

Address: changbai mountain wangswan scenic spot 15 ditch exit

Songjiang branch (lower right)

Address: c2-113, Changbai mountain tourist center, Songjiang town, Baishan city, Jilin province

Peridot: Past and Present

For thousands of years, especially in ancient Egypt, people have adored colorful jewelry, think lapis lazuli, gold, enameling etc. Frequently appearing in Egyptian jewelry, peridot was held in high regard. Egyptians considered Peridot as regal and the gemstones appeared in the crowns of the pharaohs, near the top of many jewels. The ancient Egyptians believed that peridot had a natural positive magnetic field, which could dispel nightmares and resist negative energy. Wearing peridot on the body could eliminate the fear of darkness, so at that time, peridot was also known as "the gem of the sun".

Before the age of navigation, peridot was often confused with emerald in Europe because of its likeness to the elegant color of emerald (known as the "king of emeralds"). Later, during the period of colonial trade, people discovered that this is actually a different gem from that of emerald, so it was named "evening emerald"; it showed that people, back then, held peridots in as high regard as emeralds and other precious gemstones.

With the popularity of peridot, people gradually began to think that peridot possessed a magical effect, that it could make the hot water suddenly cool, could resolve family squabbles, disputes and dispel anger; they believed it led to a "happy marriage". Therefore, in times of peace, peridot became known as the "stone of happiness", and later a gemstone to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Present day, and to those that know peridot, they admire it for its calming green color. It is the birthstone for August. In some temples in Jerusalem, peridot inlaid thousands of years ago, is still used to show historical peace and so it is still known as the "gemstone of peace".

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