Fuli Peridot Mining Group

Fuli Gemstones is a mining, processing, marketing, sales, import and export trade and technical consulting company. It owns the world's largest peridot deposit, Yiqisong Nanshan gemstones mine. 

Yiqisong Nanshan gemstones mine is located in the Northeast Province of China, next to the major Changbai mountain range, located in Dunhua city.

Peridot gemstones from this area are a rich, pure grass green color with incredible hue and saturation. The product is of a higher grade with far less inclusions than that found in other deposits from around the world.

Fuli’s philosophy is simple: Natural innovation combines with positive change.

Fuli’s Mission is ‘To create the most captivating colored gemstones mining company in the world, that is considerate of the planet and ignites the imagination of others.’

The mine is located in Dunhua city, Jilin province. Long-term, Fuli wants peridot gemstones to be part of the local culture and make peridots from this region world famous. Fuli will create the world's first "peridot museum and education center", bringing the world-wide attention to this magnificent gemstone. The project is wholeheartedly supported by the people from the region.

Cultural Heritage

Fuli believes in collaborative relationships with key industry players from international gemstone laboratories, jewelry & gemstone associations and organisations, educational institutions, designers, brands and other colored gemstone mining companies. Our purpose and ambition is to benefit the industry as a whole, on a world-wide level, to encourage future generations to come.

Combined within its teams, Fuli has more than 20 years’ experience in the mining, processing and creation of gemstones and jewelry. Safety and the wellbeing of our staff is paramount within the business and our safety track record is something we are extremely proud of. 

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